Q-Therm, the PP-R Piping Systems Offered by Quantum Industries Provides a Comprehensive Solution for the Transfer of all Portable Water Requirements. Q-Therm, the Comprehensive Fluid Carrier ( Both Liquid & Gases ), Safely & Carefully Delivers every Drop of it to, a Diversified Range of Applications Mainly, But Not Limited to :

  • Pipe Networks for Portable Water
  • Floor Heating Purposes for Residential Houses
  • Industrial Pipeline Network
  • For Transporting Aggressive Fluids & Pneumatic Systems ( Considering the Chemical Resistance )
  • Pipe Networks For Agricultural & Horticulture Requirements.
  • Pipe Networks for Connection of Heat Pumps.

Q-Therm achieves its desired quality in all its products by Using State-of-Art Machinery, Strict Process Control, regular in-process inspection, adherence to standards and regulations supported with continuous Research and Development.

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