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System description

PEX-c pipes are electron beam cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PEX-c). They have been successfully used in sanitary plumbing (hot and cold water systems) and heating applications (UFH and radiators) for more than 30 years. PEX-c pipes stand out for their resistance against pressure, temperature and corrosion. Because of their flexibility, PEX-c pipes are optimal for drinking water distribution and heating in all types of residential and commercial buildings.

System benefits


Extremely flexible, strong and resilient. Pipes can easily be manipulated around obstructions.

Fulfils regulations for contact with drinking water.

Wavin PEX-c pipes carry various approvals for drinking water applications (DVGW, KIWA, SAI-Global).

Free of incrustations, corrosion resistant

Maintaining a smooth internal surface, preventing build-up of deposits

Excellent pressure and temperature resistance Light weight

The low weight makes it easy to install.

Optimized system

Wavin Future K2 fittings are available for an optimised system with warranty.

High quality

The PEX-c process ensures a high quality and guaranteed high level of cross-linking compared to other processes.

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